Lose the drift, not the fuel.

Xflo Fuel Meter enables petroleum retailers and fleet managers to reduce costs attributed to meter drift and increase flow rates to serve more motorists in less time.

Stop Fuel Loss and Increase Revenue.

Chances are you are giving away fuel each time a customer refuels their vehicle, and small volumes per transaction have considerable impact to c-store profit margins. As typical fuel meters lose accuracy through wear, they give away extra fuel. The cost of meter drift over time can be thousands of gallons of fuel worth tens of thousands of dollars.

The restrictive nature of typical meters often serves as an impediment to fast fuel flow which means it takes consumers longer to refuel. The result is lost revenue if customers go to a competitor when your fuel lanes are busy. Traditional meters also require periodic recalibration to re-establish accuracy which causes another operations cost.

Up until now, fuel retailers have viewed these significant costs as a necessary business expense because there was little that could be done about them. Now, you no longer have to tolerate fuel loss and slow flow rates as a cost of doing business.

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Wayne Xlfo Fuel Meter Cost Savings

Don’t Sacrifice Your Profits to Meter Drift.

Stop fuel loss on your forecourt and add thousands of dollars to your bottom line with the Wayne Xflo Fuel Meter. It combines revolutionary engineering and precision design to significantly reduce the amount of fuel that retailers give away through meter drift each year.

The Xflo Meter improves upon Wayne's metering technology with its innovative axial flow architecture. With fewer moving parts, it features twin spindles and a screw rotor design that reduces contact between sealing surfaces. Consequently, it decreases the friction that causes traditional piston meters to wear and dispense more fuel than consumers pay for.

Significantly Reduce Maintenance Costs.

The Xflo Meter is so accurate it virtually eliminates the need for recalibration. In fact, tests performed by an independent lab prove that the Xflo Meter's precision remains consistent after measuring millions of gallons of fuel.

Another advantage of the Xflo Meter's innovative engineering is that each unit is tuned to a unique performance profile using multiple calibration points. This calibration identity improves accuracy across a wide range of flow rates.

Compatible with Alternative Fuels.

With its rugged design, the Xflo Meter can withstand varied flow conditions, fluid temperatures, densities and viscosities so it is suitable for any fuel quality. Wayne dispensers now come with UL E25/B20 Listing as standard. This reflects Wayne’s ongoing intent of supplying retailers with the most flexible, reliable and future-proof equipment options. Regardless of which direction the regulations or next generation vehicle technology takes, your investment will remain viable for years to come.

Secure Design Deters Fuel Theft.

Fuel theft commonly involves the fuel dispenser's meter. The Xflo Meter's magnetic sensors are inside tamper-resistant housing to protect the critical meter components from alteration. Additionally, the meter communicates with the iGEM fuel dispenser computer over a high-speed serial data link that shuts down a fuel sale if the connection is disrupted.

Seamless Implementation and Fast Return on Investment.

Engineered for easy retrofit in existing fuel dispensers or available as an option in new Wayne dispensers, the Xflo Meter is easy to incorporate into your forecourt. Through the combination of fuel savings and lower maintenance costs, it can pay for itself in a short period of time. Featuring two meters in a single package, the Xflo Meter is also a modular product that provides flexible layout configurability.