iX Pay Secure Payment

iX Pay

Protect Customer Payment Data and Your Investment

Meet Today’s Compliance Mandates; Upgrade to Meet Tomorrow’s Regulations

iX Pay™ Secure Payment delivers one of the most secure payment platforms available – and it is designed for investment-protecting regulation compliance today and in the future.


• The first payment solution certified to Payment Card Industry (PCI) PIN Transaction Security (PTS) 3.0, global EMV, Canadian Interac and Pan-Nordic Card Association (PNC) Unattended Payment Terminal (UPT).

• Compliant through 2020 and beyond with easy-to-implement updates.

• Built on the upgradeable iX™ Technology Platform so you can cost-effectively meet future financial data security regulations simply by adding security features instead of replacing the entire terminal.

iX™ Technology Platform offers a single, cost-effective platform that supports expanded, revenue-enhancing options including iX Media digital merchandising and iSense™ remote monitoring

• Available as an option in Ovation® Series fuel dispensers, 4/Vista™, HS/4 Vista, Global Ovation, Global Star™ and Global Vista fuel dispensers. Also easily retrofits into legacy fuel dispensers — no dispenser replacement.

Ovation dispenser upgrade kit

Vista dispenser upgrade kit

Tokheim™ Premier upgrade kit

• Configurable to country-specific security regulations


To learn more about what PCI regulations mean for your business visit PCI Compliance: What You Need to Know.


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Regional Availability

Available in these Regions
  • Europe
  • Latin America
  • North America

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What does PCI mean to fuel retailers?

PCI PIN Transaction Security (PTS) standards require that fuel dispenser payment devices use the Triple Data Encryption Standard (TDES) algorithm to encrypt PIN data within the keypad. Devices must also include tamper-responsive security components and data skimming resistance.



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