Retail Gas Station Systems: All

Retailers have come to depend on Wayne for reliable point-of-sale and site management technology that simplifies site operations, saves money and time, and supports retailers in delivering high customer satisfaction for increased revenue.

Forecourt Controllers

Fusion Forecourt System

Fusion Forecourt System

Meet the new face of forecourt control.

Retail Point of Sale Systems

Nucleus gas station POS System

Nucleus Point of Sale System

The Nucleus POS system puts the latest in timesaving, revenue-increasing capabilities at your fingertips and lets you enjoy the durability, reliability, and scalability you have come to expect from Wayne.  Durable, user-friendly, and proven, it consistently ranks as the most popular touch screen POS system among retailers.



The Wayne EuroSinp offers investment-protecting site management and flexibility to grow and change with your business. 

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